Dutch Joe Cocker and the Joe undercoverband

With his full Undercover-

band the audience gets

a amazing full live show.

Great artist on Drums, Keys,

Bass, Electric, Guitars and 

Saxofone together with great

backingvocals,   the Dutch Joe

Cocker will make the

show outstanding to experience.

A real Joe Cocker Experience

show. The band performed

already for events up to 7000

people and after the show they

people counld't get enough

and requested

more... and more..

The band has performed on the next festivals;

Woodstock at the Maas River 2008,

Leids Plaza Festival 2011,

Oerrock Festival 2012,

RetroPop Fesitval 2012,

7th Blues Festival Schollevaart 2012,

Street Rock Festival at Eindhoven City,

Dutch Hippie Festival 2012,

Holland “Pop Festival 1970”  in 2013.

Blommenchilderen Festival2013,

Bluesroute Scyedam 2013,

Dommelsch Clash of The Coverbands 2014,

Pynacker  Swings 2014  Blues and Jazz Festival

30e editie Heineken Beer Jazz Festival 2015

31e editie Heineken Beer Jazz Festival 2016

In history performed in: Nethelands, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Romania, Spain,France, Italy, Austria.

Joe undercoverband

A good and affordable Joe Cocker experience show with the  band. In its 14 years existence the band played on several mainstage festivals.

After the performance they crowd couldn,t get enough of this show and always shouted they want more. The band is ready to travel to huge festivals true europe for great performances.

Promotors from countries as; Poland, Belgium, Germany, France booked the DJC on several occasions with great result to their audience.

Lead Singer Cees Geluk became a big fan of Joe Cocker, after seeing him in Woodstock (the movie, 1969). As from that moment on, he followed very carefully the career of this top artist and very soon creates his own imitation: the Dutch Joe Cocker Show.

Because his voice has a natural resemblance with the typical rough Cocker Sound, he started very soon with live performances. During a party, where some musicians also were present, a jam session took place and the JoeUnderCover Band was a fact. The new band recorded some cover numbers in a studio and from that moment on Cees sings live as The Dutch Joe Cocker.

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The Joe Cocker tribute artist

An unique performer and live sensation on the stage, one man show or with his full undercoverband.

A Joe Cocker  artist like   you have never seen before with lots of interactions with the audience.

Finalist of two Dutch television "Sing & Look alike" contest. He got the raw voice and even the same  looks

as  Joe Cocker and he confused already many audiences with his live performances.

Always LIVE PERFORMING ON STAGE and included all the great songs from Joe Cocker;








and many others.

Latest news from Cees performances


Dutch Joe Cocker became second place winner out of 48 contestants with his voice in the latest TV show "The winner takes it all" from Talpa and SBS6 television. The votes came from the viewers of the program. Thanks to all.!!

If you are up for a great show with  Joe Cocker

songs, just go to the contact page. Any

questions or schedule dates.

There are several Joe Cocker look alikes

around, but if you need a real good one,  just

contact Cees Geluk.

The show has  the amazing reality, that in its

history it already brainswash many crowds

minds as the real Cocker appearance.

The "solo(one man) Show" is available in 

Europe and open for any international


On tour with the Undercoverband on special